Board Setup

The backgammon board is divided into 24 adjacent spaces or points consisting of long triangles of alternating colors, connected along one side. The points are numbered from 1 to 24; checkers move from higher to lower points. This means that point no. 24 for one player is point no.1 for another. Each player begins with two checkers on point no.24, five each on points 13 and 6 and three on point no.8. The points are named collectively as follows:

  1. Points 1 through 6: your home board.
  2. Points 7 through 12: your outer board.
  3. Points 13 through 18: your opponent's outer board.
  4. Points 19 through 24: your opponent's home board.
  5. Point no. 7 is called the bar point.
  6. Point no. 13 is called the mid-point.

Players move in opposing directions. For example, the player with the black checkers moves anti-clockwise, while the player with the white checkers moves clockwise.